International Foundation Diploma - Local Courses

Thanks for your interest in joining our local classes. We’re working hard to add as many locations around the world as possible with a view to start our local courses in the Fall of 2020.

Our local offering will follow the rigorous IFD Syllabus provided through our online platform, but you will be able to enrol in it as an after-school activity, twice per week. You will count at all times with the help of a tutor or facilitator selected and trained by LearnDirect International. You will need your own computer or for your school to provide computer and internet connection during these sessions.

If you want to start the IFD program before that time, we recommend you check our online course, with start dates every month.

If you are interested for your school to participate in our IFD Local Course Programme starting in 2020, please fill out the form below:

School Details